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Reader Rabbit Kindergarten is receiving rave reviews: "Reader Rabbit Kindergarten from Graffiti Entertainment retains the charm, fun and educational content of the original The Learning Company computer game, but gives it a facelift appropriate to playing the game on the Nintendo DS. Reader Rabbit Kindergarten has an engaging story, easy-to-use stylus controls and eight fun educational games. But what is truly impressive is that the game talks to children, something that most DS games don't do." (4 out of 4 stars, Jinny Gudmundsen - See the full review here.


"With an engaging story line that motivates kids to play the learning games, toe-tapping music, funny jokes, and many video sequences that look like Saturday morning cartoons, Reader Rabbit Kindergarten has a lot to offer families of kindergartners. Parents will appreciate the help feature represented by an animated book, as well as the progress report and the ability to set the difficulty level of every game. Overall, Reader Rabbit Kindergarten does an excellent job of mixing adventure, education, and entertainment. It is fun having learning games on the DS." (5 out of 5 stars, See the full review here.

Reader Rabbit Kindergarten is an educational adventure game based on the characters from the popular and long-running series of learning games for young children, Reader Rabbit. Intended for children ages 3-6, the game is designed to teach basic skills to prepare kids for success in kindergarten and provide a foundation for further learning.

The game's main character, Reader Rabbit, and his sidekick, Sam the Lion, are flying their airship over a new island when they are mysteriously captured by a giant bubble wrap. They then come to realize they have landed in Balloon Town, an island made of balloons where all sharp objects including their airship are locked away in a palace. In order to free their airship and continue on their journey, they must first gain access to the palace by helping the band wake-up the sleeping bull in front of the palace. To do this they must gather the 5 different instruments for the band that have been scattered around Balloon Town.

In order to receive an instrument, players must help Reader Rabbit and Sam in a series of educational mini-games designed to teach kids basic skills such as memory, recognizing patters, simple math, phonics, rhyming, following directions and placing items in order. All mini-games have simplistic point-and-click controls using the Nintendo DS touch screen interface. Once players have retrieved all of the instruments and gained access to the palace, they must complete two more mini-games (a listening comprehension/sequencing game and a reading skills game) before gaining access to their airship so they can continue on to a new adventure.

The game is presented in a colorful cartoon style with short videos, full voice acting, and sing-along songs designed to engage young children while still teaching basic skills. Players will be able to adjust the difficulty level of all mini-games independently which can add hours of replay value.


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Key Features: Platform:

  • Colorful and fully animated world to explore with video, songs, and full voice acting
  • Educational mini-games with easy point-and-click touch screen controls
  • Ability to change difficulty level of each of the mini-games for added replay value
  • Familiar characters mix adventure, entertainment, and education for hours of fun for kids.


iPhone Version Not Rated by the ESRB