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Join the GNUSsphere: Revolutionize Your Games and Apps with GNUS.AI SDK

Passionate about driving innovation in entertainment, Graffiti Entertainment proudly facilitates developers' integration of cutting-edge technology into their games and apps. We offer access to the GNUS.AI SDK, a revolutionary platform that discreetly operates in the background, utilizing the GPU for distributed AI/ML processing. This innovative approach maximizes the potential of end-user devices, tapping into unused compute cycles to perform complex AI and ML tasks.

Our approach is unique: while the game or app is running, the GNUS.AI SDK leverages a small portion of the GPU's bandwidth, enabling distributed processing without impacting the user experience. In return for participating in this distributed processing, developers and users are rewarded with GNUS tokens, a cryptocurrency that can be used for in-app purchases or converted into other currencies.

The GNUS token ecosystem extends beyond mere cryptocurrency. It forms the backbone of a patented blockchain and software system that facilitates decentralized GPU utilization. By harnessing the unused computing power of computers, mobile devices, and IoT devices, developers enable users to contribute to AI/ML processing while earning rewards in GNUS tokens. This innovative system seamlessly integrates into computer and mobile games and applications, offering a new paradigm for distributed computing and incentivized participation.

At Graffiti Entertainment, we are proud to be at the forefront of this technological revolution. By providing developers with access to the GNUS.AI SDK and the power of blockchain technology, we are redefining the relationship between developers, users, and entertainment. Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of gaming and apps within the GNUSsphere ecosystem, where developers earn a share of GNUS tokens for their contributions.

Crew Captains

Peter "Tony" Chiodo


34 years of experience in the video game industry as an award-winning Director of Product Development, Producer, and Game Designer. His experience includes the development and release of over 250+ titles for play on game consoles, mobile devices, and PC/Mac. Over the course of his career, Tony’s directed the design and development of game engines and SaaS technology platforms.

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Roger Arias


Roger brings over 30 years of experience in the software and games industry, with a knack for product innovation, leadership, and negotiation. He has played a pivotal role in licensing, producing, or designing 70+ properties, generating $700 million in revenue. His portfolio includes iconic franchises like Dragon Ball Z and Marvel X-Men.

As a strategic business development leader, Roger excels in identifying opportunities, forecasting profitability, and building lasting relationships. Before his software career, he served as a US Army officer and aviator, attaining the rank of Major. Outside of work, he's a proud father of three and a fitness enthusiast.

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